CARBOGLASS pro can effectively solve the problem of natural light industrial buildings. The combination of various kinds of light-transmitting structures: skylights, translucent coatings, facade and tape glazing based on polycarbonate modules provides an excellent economic effect as in the construction of an object by reducing the cost and time of manufacture, and during its operation by reducing lighting costs and space heating.

Due to the unique optical properties of cellular polycarbonate panels, in particular high light scattering, their use allows to obtain the glazing entire area of uniform illumination without blinding sunlight, hot spots and shaded areas. This allows for the construction of production and storage space to create the most comfortable environment for both production processes and storage products.

Application CARBOGLASS pro gives special expressiveness and creates excellent facilities from an ergonomic point of view of the light climate, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of the staff and the company’s image.